In the event of wet weather, please follow these instructions: 1. ??? 2. ??? 3. ??? Contacts: U10 Friday night Master Blaster Junior Team Managers: U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 Junior Open Senior Team Captains: Division 1: Division 2: Division 3: Division 4: Division 5: Division 6: Over 40s: Over 50s:

Ugh! No-one likes missing their cricket game, but there’s not much we can do so enjoy the spare time!

Spend this rainy day learning more about previous Surfers Paradise cricketers, including:

  • Greg Campbell
  • Peter Clifford
  • Daniel Payne
  • Chris Swan
  • Ryan Broad
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Scott Muller
  • Geoff Folev